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The Market Collection of Wines

A History of Farming
Like all Pillitteri wines, the Market Collection is grown in the heart of Canada’s fruitland and the home to our family’s farm market. On December 15, 1965 Gary and Lena Pillitteri settled in Niagara-on-the-Lake to raise their family. They purchased a fruit farm on Niagara Stone Road. In 1973 they opened Gary’s Fruit Market. Soon after the first Niagara wineries opened, Gary took the initiative and began planting wine grapes, starting the first of the family’s Niagara vineyards. The grapes are still meticulously tended to by the family, producing premium local wines to drink and enjoy with your family.

Locally Grown. Food Friendly.
Our grapes are passionately tended by our family with the goal of always producing premium local wines to enjoy as part of your family’s meal. The Pillitteri’s consider the family meal the most valued part of their day. They catch up and reminisce, with a fork in one hand and a spoon in the other over a homemade meal and a glass of wine. The fork and spoon are in fact pieces from the family’s first set of cutlery, part of Lena Pillitteri’s hope chest from her mother upon her wedding to Gary. Gary had an odd affinity to this particular set insisting on just using the fork and spoon from this flatware to eat his meals.


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