2015 Riserva Famiglia Merlot

The “Riserva Famiglia” title is only given to wines produced in the best vintage years which have passed a rigorous tasting panel. Made in the traditional appassimento style, vine dried for 4 weeks past traditional harvest dates and then rack dried in a single layer for 26 days. Dried in an ambient environment with forced air circulation to allow the fruit to slowly dry. Small batch fermented and aged in new French oak for 2 years.

A complex, yet focused interpretation of moderate climate Merlot, this vintage showcases aromatics rooted in black cherry, candied licorice, blackberry, and blueberry compote, with subtle aromas of clove and fresh mint leaves. Once allowed to breath, notes of cedar resin, juniper and vanilla appear as undertones, suggesting complexity. The palate mirrors the nose, with special focus toward licorice, dark chocolate and nutmeg, with dark cherry, plum and blackberry jam forming the backbone. Prevalent acid helps round tannic profile, allowing primary fruit to be bolstered and not lost behind aromatics derived from oak maturity.


This is a limited edition product. Please call the winery for special orders 905-468-3147

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