2017 Market Collection Chardonnay



An honest and authentic representation of Chardonnay, our Market Collection tier offers aromatics rooted in citrus juice (lemon and grapefruit), with undertones of green apple, gooseberry and honeydew melon. The palate proceeds to showcase notes of tree-fruit, specifically Gala apple, Bosc pear, and peach with subtleties of white flower blossom and mint. An interesting feature of this wine is its ability to showcase minerality, in the form of wet-stone/ flint. This allows for a highlight of natural acid, whilst still focusing on primary fruit and minimal residual sugar.

As our version of Chardonnay highlights fruit and acid, consider pairing with foods that are salty, acidic, or fatty/ oily. High salt meals will generally make this Chardonnay smoother and richer, so options like heirloom tomato, avocado and Burrata salad on grilled garlic toast, or homemade poutine will pair effortlessly. Seafood also offers salinity, and when garnished with citrus, highlight all the best aspects of this wine. Consider classically prepared mussels and clams, or sockeye salmon drizzled with lemon. Fatty food options need acidity to help cleanse the palate, so other options include creamed soup, pate, grilled duck or salads with feta and goats cheese. Or simply choose this wine as a pleasant, everyday sipper!