2019 Market Collection Cabernet Merlot


The Market Cabernet Merlot is a delicious medium-bodied dry red with flavours of cherries, strawberries, black currant and hints of black peppers and spice. Barrel aged to add to the complexity and smooth the tannins, providing a medium long finish. Consider pairing with grilled meats, pizza and pasta. Makes a great choice for large dinners and a wonderful gift for a discerning wine lover.

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A classic interpretation of cool-climate blending, similar to plotline, whereby Merlot provides the middle and Cabernet Franc focuses on the beginning and ending. The aromatics of this wine showcase dominant blackcurrant, blueberry compote and baked plum notes, with secondary qualities rooted in juniper and clove. A vigorous ferment brings subtle cream and sweet vanilla to round off aromatics. The palate mirrors the nose, but black cherry, plum and liquorice dominate, with subtle savory (enoki mushroom) and herbal (green tea leaf) qualities that allude to complexity. A short time on lees, along with barrel aging adds notes of toast, and charred cedar, allowing a linear wine to become multifaceted.

When considering food pairing, note that this wine’s medium acid, tannin and body opens options- think salty and acidic, or savoury and spicy dishes. Dishes like smokey Texas-style oven brisket or herb and lemon pork chops bring salt and citric acid to decrease perceived tannin, bitterness and acidity to the wine, creating balance. However, fans of bold red wine may look towards dishes like mushroom Marsala with barley, or classic Caribbean Jerk chicken in order to heighten organics and bolster the wine.

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