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International Wine Brands

Pillitteri Estates Winery produces a number of wine brands that are available in markets around the world. Some are exclusively for certain markets while others are known globally. The core Pillitteri brand is available to consumers around the world and is separated into four main brand tiers: Market Collection, Carretto Series, Exclamation Cellar Series and Riserva Famiglia. Pillitteri Icewine consists of two brand tiers, Carretto Series and Reserve Icewine Series. All of the brands meet the family’s high standard for winemaking and grape growing and offer a unique and interesting story that connects with the Pilitteri family. Examples of some of our most popular brands include:


Vita Icewine is an award winning VQA Icewine and table wine brand sold exclusively in Japan and China. Vita means life in Italian. Vita was produced by the Pillitteri children in honour of their mother Lena Pillitteri as a gift to her for bringing them life. Their lives are signified by the cherry blossom on the label and the rebirth of the cherries every year on the family farm. These Icewines are soft and more elegant than other Icewine’s and offers a smooth finish.

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We are proud to produce one of nature’s most exquisite gifts — Icewine. Learn more about this Canadian specialty here!

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